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This Monday Memo is about our move and Open House Events!

DID YOU KNOW our recent move came about to achieve several important objectives?!

1. Enhanced Youth Experience
A welcoming environment for youth is crucial to our mission and our new space allows us to deliver on the promise in more ways than ever before, including the unique environment we call The Hub! Workshops, study and gathering space, media and computer access, and a place to share information and opportunities.

2. Expansive Work Environment
With more participants in Career Horizons, Bridges to Success, Financial Fitness, Volunteer Orientations, Board Meetings and much more, we needed a more expansive and flexible environment. And the move gave us much more usable space for My First Home donations and monthly Shopping Days.

3. Exponential Staff Engagement

With staff in three separate offices, maintaining teamwork and communication can be impossible. With the whole team in one place, collaboration is not only encouraged, it’s constant and powerful. But talking about the new space can’t convey the whole story. That’s why the Open House was invented.


Here’s next week’s OPEN HOUSE EVENT schedule:


Join our community of youth, volunteers, investors, staff, JIT Board as we gather for a tour of our new offices, afternoon lunch, and an informative presentation at 1PM by our participants and leadership about how this youth- friendly environment strengthens our mission.

RSVP to Reshae@jitfosteryouth.org


TUESDAY, JULY 25 6:30P – 8PM

Can’t make it to JIT on Sunday? You’re welcome to attend this special hosted evening with refreshments and the chance to experience JIT’s space in the evening when participants gather for everything from monthly workshops to youth organized movie nights.

RSVP to Reshae@jitfosteryouth.org


MON-FRI, JULY 24-28 10AM – 4PM
Drop in on any one of these days to see what we’re up to, hosted by JIT youth and staff. Have a snack, a cool drink, and a great conversation in The HUB!

RSVP to Reshae@jitfosteryouth.org


See you at Just in Time next week!