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Today’s Monday Memo updates great news for our community and highlights examples of how we’re moving into 2018 with passion and purpose.

You’ll find information about our collective success with our Champions for Youth match campaign that has generated over $130,000 for our mission toward our $150,000 goal.  We also showcase a connection to support from the Windy City, created by our friends from Ascension Leadership Academy.  We also take a look at the first My First Home Shopping Day of 2018 where we served five enthusiastic youth ready to set up their living spaces.

Today, you’ll also get a sneak pick at the furnishings donated by Bill & Kathy Scripps that will raise funds to support the missions of Just in Time and Humble Design after an estate sale held January 226-28.  To get a closer look go to the link below and to volunteer (no experience necessary), contact karen@jitfosteryouth.org.

Finally, the Last Word is from Rev. Martin Luther King to inspire us all.

And thanks for all you do to keep his legacy of compassion and courage alive.