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This week’s Monday Memo finds us right in middle of the JIT mission – mobilizing the community to help the youth we serve enhance their capacity to achieve both self-sufficiency and well-being.

On the one end, we just completed an extraordinary weekend with our first Road to Resilience gathering and, although we can try to describe what happened throughout the day, you really had to be there to experience the incredible energy created by a powerful and compassion community that will continue to offer caring support for one another going forward.

On the other end, we’re moving toward this Saturday’s annual Pathways to Financial Power Conference where a different kind of energy fuels the drive to achieve financial security through preparation and persistence. It’s an effort that has attracted a broad spectrum of volunteers and business people eager to see how they can leverage their talents to move the needle forward for youth with the courage to dream.

Next week, we’ll showcase more of our impact as our community of heroes changes lives! Thanks to the JIT staff for creating the space to make it happen.

And thanks for all you do!