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Innovative Support

to elevate young men ages 18-26 as they transition out of foster-care and into independence and adulthood.

A Unique Opportunity

Participants are supported by a team of volunteer coaches and former foster youth staff who are ready to turn struggles into successes and challenges into triumphs.

Future Leaders

Youth will harness a way of thinking, a way of life, and an attitude shift that will attract growth in their personal, professional, and social life.


Bridges to Success provides personalized bridges to a community of support and the tools and resources young men need to thrive.

Over a 10-month period, young men ages 18-26 will boost their personal and professional skills through connections with a network of male leaders, like minded peers and the greater Just in Time community.

Workshops focus on topics such as: personal branding, networking, money management and more!

All participants should be going to to school, working or both and are required to honor a commitment for consistent participation. 


Bridges to Success is designed to provide personalized “bridges” to a community of support, providing the tools and resources young men can thrive.

  • Identify SMART goals in the areas of employment, education, relationships and other objectives that lead to self-sufficiency and well-being
  • Learn the importance of strong, positive relationships in your personal and professional life
  • Experience team and confidence-building activities such as social outings, surfing, sailing, kayaking and hiking
  • Gain needed tools to become a leader in the community


Just in Time’s impact comes from a Theory of Change based on more than a decade of hands-on experience and our research-based approach to developing services that “move the needle” for the youth we serve.

During the course of the year, young men transitioning from foster care make the commitment to ongoing monthly gatherings and smaller group team meetings to work on achieving designated SMART goals.

As trust grows in this “environment of success” so does the development of translatable skill sets; knowledge of the most effective methods to acquire meaningful employment and access essential resources to confidently navigate the workplace.

Confident, Capable & Connected

Participants will significantly increase pre-program baseline scores consistent with individual needs and targets set for maximum impact.

Positive Connections

90% of participants who complete the program will report a minimum of three new consistent connections that support their goals; 90% will report more and deeper trusting, relationships with peers and adults.

Improved Relationships

90% of participants who complete the program will demonstrate improved interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution skills and satisfaction in personal relationships.

Self Sufficiency

100% of participants will participate in at least two other activities/programs; 90% of participants who complete the program will significantly increase scores in critical areas identified at program start (Housing, Finances, Employment, Education)

Personal SMART Goals

90% of participants who complete the program will achieve agreed upon personalized objectives set with Champions and supported by peers; 90% will demonstrate clearer articulation of personal goals and aspirations and identification of and action taken to achieve goals.

Self Empowerment

90% of participants who complete the program will show greater internal resiliency, as shown by the ability to:

  • Handle stress and cope with difficult situations
  • Identify self-limiting beliefs & reflect on choices in challenging situations
  • Solve and address challenges as they occur
  • Identify strengths and personal achievements
  • Articulate a greater sense of empowerment and ownership over own future

Leadership Development

150% of participants who complete the program will assume leadership roles within the B2S program or in other pursuits consistent with their goals and aspirations.

Participate in 2019

Are you a young man age 18-26 looking to boost your personal and professional skills? Contact Anthony at 619-677-2122 or anthony@JITfosteryouth.org to find out if you qualify and to get a password.


Coach a Youth

Do you want to become part of our caring community of volunteer champions? You can support a young man as he works toward his goals, overcomes obstacles and becomes Confident, Capable and Connected. No experience necessary – just a willingness to help.

Financial Support

The cost for this 10-month service is about $2,000 per participant. This includes materials and meals at each meeting, transportation, stipends and the celebratory event “Rites of Passage”.


Bridges to Success Major Investors

Elizabeth N. Crane Foundation

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

Carlsbad-Laguna-Temecula Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

San Diego County Board of Supervisors

San Diego Social Venture Partners

Tina & David Thomas

The Rivers Foundation

Gilbert J. Martin Foundation

Helmstetter Family Foundation

Youth Philanthropy Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Special thanks to CEG Interactive for donating a photo booth for our 2018 Rites of Passage ceremony.

To join this distinguished list of Bridges to Succes sponsors, contact Diane Cox, Development Director at (858) 705-1705 or diane@jitfosteryouth.org.