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JULY 1, 2019 – JUNE 30, 2020

Did You Know?

Nationally, 60% of youth enroll in college and, of those, 57% graduate.

For youth who have been in foster care, only 10% of youth enroll in college and their graduation rate is only 3-6%.

Through College Bound and the other services provided by Just in Time we are increasing the likelihood that former foster youth confidently complete their education and go on to secure meaningful employment and financial security.

Since its inception in 2006, College Bound model for success has continued to have an extraordinary impact on enrollment and graduation outcomes for transition age youth. More than 600 students have received access to essential resources, consistent positive relationships, and critical support for housing, transportation and emergency assistance during their college years.

Our research shows that academic challenges are not the primary cause of high drop-out rates among former foster youth. Here is what we’ve learned leads to youth not completing their college degree.

  • Lack of Stable Housing 28% 28%
  • Working and Going to School 23% 23%
  • Unreliable or No Transportation 21% 21%
  • Lack of Confidence 17% 17%
  • Lack of Money 13% 13%

College Bound is a Community

This year, 75 transition age foster youth will participate in two days of fun-filled preparation for their college journey. During this event at the San Diego Central Library on June 15 & 29, they’ll receive all the tech tools, schools supplies and dorm furnishing they need, plus a volunteer coach to guide and support them. Just in Time continues to help participants navigate challenges, overcome obstacles and go the distance….all the way to graduation!

“College Bound is more than a program, it is a community; a family built on one concept: to help foster youth be successful in college. With the kind of support offered at JIT I know that I will succeed.”

~Stephany Lopez – College Bound Class of 2018 ~

Confident, Capable, Connected

Here is just one example of how College Bound, combined with other JIT services, is changing the story of former foster youth and helping them become Confident, Capable and Connected.

Maria Gomez is enrolled at Mesa College and plans to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. She is connected to JIT and takes full advantage of the resources and tools available to her.


College Bound

Maria participates in the College Bound two-day event and receives a laptop, printer and school supplies.


My First Home

Maria moves into transitional housing and receives all the furniture and household goods she needs through My First Home.


Financial Fitness

Maria has a part-time job, signs up for Financial Fitness, and receives an individual volunteer Asset Advisor. Over the course of the year, she completes her match for $250 and $500 and ends the year with about $2,000 in savings. She also attends four workshops on topics from understanding a lease to taxes.


Changing Lanes

Maria takes advantage of Changing Lanes to learn to drive and get her driver’s license. She uses the $2,000 she has saved up to purchase a reliable used car with the guidance of her Changing Lanes adviser.


Basic Needs & Healthy Practices

Maria’s hours are cut back during a slow period at work and she receives $500 in rent assistance through Basic Needs. She also attends a Healthy Practices workshop on stress reduction during this difficult time, gets books and materials to help her follow-up on self-care behavior, and talks through some of her challenges with the JIT volunteer she met during College Bound who is helping her create a strategy for finding a more reliable job. She also receives a transportation stipend to help with a bus pass to attend the workshop.


Career Horizons

Maria joins in the new cohort of Career Horizons for Young Women and begins to consider alternate career options, learn about networking, enhance her resume and interview skills, and purchase professional clothing. One of the Career Horizons coaches gives her a personal reference for another part-time job that could lead to full-time in the future.


Ongoing Connection

Maria stays plugged in to JIT and strengthens her connections to her peers as she attends the College Bound reunion in July, the JIT Family Picnic in August, the My First Home for the Holidays event in December and other social events over the course of the year.

Become an Investor

Your generous support makes college a reality for former foster youth!

More Support For Education

Learning to Succeed

Created and funded by the Livingston Family Foundation, the goal of Learning to Succeed (LTS) is to provide determined young people with the resources and relationships that help them lower drop out rates and increase academic success.

Master Your Dream

No educational goal should be out of reach. That’s why JIT offers students the opportunity to continue their educational journey through Master Your Dream. MYD sponsors help us provide financial scholarships for participants enrolled in or accepted to an accredited not-for-profit university graduate school. 

    Study Abroad

    At Just in Time, we do not believe that transition age foster youth should miss out on the opportunities that other students have. That’s why we created the JIT Study Abroad service.

    Participants who enroll in Study Abroad will have all the support they need – before, during and after their travels – to completely experience another culture as they learn and grow personally and professionally.



    Internships are a great opportunity to gain experiential learning and get a feeling of what it’s like to work in a specific field. The challenge is that internships are usually unpaid or do not meet the financial need of a young adult who is supporting themself.  Just in Time’s JITernships bridges this financial gap by providing up to $3,000 during an internship period.


    What Past Participants Say

    “College Bound is an amazing tool that will help me build my future and propel my efforts towards becoming a physical therapist. The laptop and school supplies that College Bound provides to the participants will be incredibly useful along our journeys to scholastic success. Thank you so much and God Bless this awesome program!”


    “College Bound helped me break mental barriers and prepare for my transition into a four-year university. I had never felt so connected to other former foster youth who were all in the same fight for the opportunity to complete higher education. After College Bound, I was ready.”


    College Bound 2019 Major Sponsors

    Summa Cum Laude

    • Livingston Family Foundation
    • Scott A. & Elizabeth V. Christensen Charitable Foundation
    • The Moxie Foundation Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
    • Kasperick Foundation
    • Farrell Family Foundation
    • The Rivkin Family Fund 1 at the San Diego Foundation
    • The Charter One Hundred
    • Goldberg Charitable Trust
    • The Kroha-Casner Family Foundation
    • Jordan Charitable Fund
    • The Nordson Corporation Foundation
    • Pat Foley
    • Managed Solution

    Magna Cum Laude

    • Gillian & George Percy
    • Hewlitt Packard
    • Patricia & Christopher Weil Foundation
    • Lauren, Suzy & Bob Freund
    • Datron World Communications, Inc.
    • De Falco Family Foundation
    • Leo S. Guthman Fund

    Cum Laude

    • Cubic Corporation
    • Risk Management Association
    • Fleming Family Charitable Fund
    • Jill & Dr. Darrell Shrader
    • San Marcos Community Foundation
    • Cathie Perry-Smith & Greg Smith
    • Full Circle Fund at the Coastal Community Foundation
    • Carolyn & Mark Burns
    • Janace & Stephen Pierce