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Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness offers participants opportunities to learn basic and advanced money management and an ability to match up to $4,500! With real-world financial gurus, online tools, and comprehensive classes offered 12 times per year, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and discipline to make smart money purchases.

If you have trouble sticking to a budget, creating a savings plan, and keeping savings for long term planning or emergencies, this is the program for you!

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How It Works

By providing progressive financial training and offering potential matched savings assistance to our youth who demonstrate the required behavior, JIT’s Financial Fitness program gives participating youth the necessary working understanding of budgeting, banking, savings, and investments.

JIT Financial Fitness Asset Advisors work with youth to further their financial training through practical advice and guidance as they gain skills and opportunities to build savings and make smart purchases. Advisors also take a personal interest in increasing youth self-sufficiency.

While most young people can ask their parents or family for advice regarding cars, housing, and other financial situations, our transitioning foster youth often don’t have that support system. JIT Asset Advisors help individual youth or groups with essential skills on how to manage their assets. Most typical assets our youth need advice with include:

  • Cars: purchasing, insurance, maintenance, registration, loans, payments, etc.
  • Housing: rental contracts, dealing with landlords and roommates, maintenance, purchasing
  • Healthcare: insurance options, payments, dental, vision, general information
  • Savings: available choices with best options and returns

Success in this program is defined by measurable outcomes including:

  • Creation and maintenance of a consistent budget over time
  • Set-up of bank account with incremental savings over time
  • Reduction of credit card debt
  • Increased savings and assets over a 1-year period
  • Ongoing connection to a JIT Champion volunteer over the length of participation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for Financial Fitness?

A: Apply by using our online application system. Remember to fill out the “New Applicant Form” before applying for any JIT services.

Q: How long until I receive notification from JIT?

A: Participants will receive a phone call or email from Program Staff no later than 72 hours.

Q: What if I apply and do not receive a phone call or email within 72 hours?

A: Staff make every effort to contact applicants via telephone or email. If you have not heard from a JIT member, please call 619-269-5789. Sometimes the telephone numbers of applicants are out of minutes when staff makes an attempt to call.

Q: Will I need to provide any paperwork?

A: Applicants will be asked to provide verification of being in foster care as a child; pay stubs or proof of enrollment in school. On occasion, staff may ask for other documentation to process an application.

Q: What happens if my application is approved?

A: Once Program Staff have approved a request, we will set up an individual orientation to talk about all of the requirements for Financial Fitness.

Q: What happens if my application is denied?

A: Program staff will evaluate each application individually and provide an explanation after processing. Youth may apply for program services in the future unless indicated otherwise by staff.

Q: Do I have to be working?

A: Yes, we need to see that you have some sort of income coming in. We will ask for verification

Q: If I’m in school, does financial-aid count?

A: Financial-aid only counts if you can show a strong sense of responsibility by creating a savings plan and actively searching for a job.

Q: What if I’m receiving an AB12 stipend?

A: Like financial-aid you need to show that you can create a savings plan and actively searching for a job.

Q: Does cash-aid, food stamps counts as income?

A: No, only actual earnings count as income.

Q: What happens if I don’t have a savings account?

A: Participants will have to open a savings account on their own that is FDIC approved.

Q: How much do I need to save a month?

A: As much as you want! So it can be as little as $5 or as much as $100.00, as long as you are saving and keeping a $100.00 minimum in your savings account.

Q: Will I be paired with a mentor?

A: Yes, you will be paired with an Asset Advisor who will help you with any financial questions that you may have.

Q: How will I meet my Asset Advisor?

A: Your Financial Fitness program coordinator will coordinate an introduction meeting where you will meet your Asset Advisor for the first time.

Q: Do I have to attend classes?

A: Yes, you will need to at least two of the following classes: Group Class 1- Budgeting, Group Class 2- Pay & Benefits and Group Class 3- Cash Substitutes.

Q: What is the matching component to the program?

A: The matching component is a breakdown of five modules that consist of five different matching levels. Module 1: $250.00, Module 2: $500.00, Module 3: $750.00, Module 4: $1,000.00, Module 5: $2,000.00

Q: What can I match for?

A: You may match for school, transportation, living expenses, CD accounts, retirement plans, health, fitness plans, and much more.

Q: When do I qualify to match?

A: You qualify to match after three months of consecutive savings and you have saved the same amount as the module you want to match for. For instance, if you want to match for Module 1: $250.00, you need to have $250.00 in your savings account by the time you match.

Q: What happens if I want to match for $2,000.00 and skip the other matches?

A: If you skip the other matches you won’t be able to go back and match for the previous matches. You will also need to show a savings pattern equal to the module time. For instance, if you wish to match for $2,000, you will need to show a savings pattern of at least 15 months (5 modules at 3 months each). The mission Financial Fitness is to teach a pattern of saving. ( Exceptions can be made at the Program Coordinators discretion)

Q: How do I make a matching request?

A: You would email your Asset Advisor first and ask for their feedback and then email the program coordinator.

Q: What happens after I complete my last match?

A: You graduate from the program with a savings plan and on your way to self-sufficiency. However, you can still come to the classes and stay in touch with your Asset Advisor!

Q: Who do I contact for more information?

A: Steven Silva at steven@jitfosteryouth.org or (619) 269-5789.

Q: Can I send a note of thanks??

A: Absolutely! We encourage each and every participant to write a hand-written thank you to our donors and volunteers. JIT is a small organization and, without the support of members in the community, we would be unable to provide furnishings for our young people! Contact our office so we can help facilitate.




Just In Time is Proud to have these Financial Fitness Partners:




Suzanne & Jay Lichter

Kasperick Family Charitable Gift Account at Schwab Charitable

Hill Charitable Trust

San Diego Gas and Electric

Bank of America

Mutual of Omaha Bank

Banner Bank

Wawanesa Insurance

Wells Fargo

Dowling & Yahnke Wealth Management

Bank of Southern California

Kippy Gambill

Gabrielle Durand

Cynthia K. Engles Donor Advised Fund at Dallas Women’s Foundation


Financial Fitness Success Stories

Jose is a young man in his last year at San Diego State University and works full-time at the library. He used his matched savings to assist in buying his first house.




Guillermo is a full-time student who also works part-time. The Financial Fitness program allowed him to purchase his first car but an Asset Advisor helped him purchase a quality car.

Briana used her matched savings towards her education at UCLA. She is a full-time student who also participates in work-study on campus.

Sofia is a UCSD graduate who is now working over 60 hours a week at a law firm. Her matched savings went towards an investment that she will eventually use for tuition for law school, which she will be attending in the fall.

Wesley used his match towards starting his own entertainment company. He is now a successful businessman and musician, who uses his success to help improve and inspire the foster youth community.

Thank You To Our Major Investors

Suzanne & Jay Lichter

Kasperick Family Charitable Gift Account at Schwab Charitable

Hill Charitable Trust

San Diego Gas and Electric

Bank of America

Mutual of Omaha Bank

Banner Bank

Wawanesa Insurance

Wells Fargo

Dowling & Yahnke Wealth Management

Bank of Southern California

Kippy Gambill

Gabrielle Durand

Cynthia K. Engles Donor Advised Fund at Dallas Women’s Foundation