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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
~ Nelson Mandella ~


Master Your Dream

Since 2014 Just in Time has awarded scholarships to twelve scholars pursuing post-graduate degrees.
All twelve have earned their degrees!

Vanessa Barrera, MA Public Administration

“The first year of my master’s program has been a roller coaster ride full of excitement, fear, stress and happiness all at once. Being in the foster care system, I know how difficult it can be to not have someone there. Just in Time has not only provided me with the scholarship but also with the sense that there are people who care for me and who want me to succeed. I will continue to work hard and hope to make a difference in the world. “

Our Story

Did you know that, nationally, college graduation rates for youth who have been in foster care are 3 – 6%? And, for those wishing to obtain a post-graduate degree, the numbers are even lower! Here at Just in Time for Foster Youth, we’re changing those dismal statistics through College Bound, which provides transition age foster youth with the knowledge, resources, tech tools, dorm furnishings, and guidance from caring adults that every young person needs on their college journey. And, for those who wish to pursue a post-graduate degree, Master Your Dream continues that support.

Our Philosophy

No educational goal should be out of reach. That’s why JIT offers students the opportunity to continue their educational journey through Master Your Dream. MYD sponsors help us provide financial scholarships for participants enrolled in or accepted to an accredited not-for-profit university graduate school.

Although I am currently working part time, it is nowhere near enough to cover my master’s program, living expenses, and day to day spending. The Master Your Dream scholarship made the burden of student loans more manageable and a little less daunting. The scholarship allowed me to accept a smaller loan which will help me stay on track with my payments and not rack up too much interest that I will have to graduate with.

Jessica Dorsey
Masters in Social Work

The time spent in the group homes had an impact on my life, yet what was more impactful were the words my guardian whom I callmy mom, shared with me. I will always remember my mom telling me when I was sixyears old, how I would graduate from college one day, and that I would somedaybecome a doctor or a lawyer. These words rang true, not only because she knew I wascapable of being someone, but because, I would no longer be a statistic.

Chris Medellin
Masters Postsecondary Educational Leadership

Throughout my lifetime, education has always been my top priority, and when entering the system, it continued to stand as my only source of consistency. Witnessing all that I was able to accomplish throughout my college experience, I became inspired to continue this journey to a Master’s degree and go above and beyond the expectations I set for myself.

Selena Reycasa
Masters in Organizational Leadership

The Master Your Dream Gallery of Graduates includes:

2014 MYD Scholar Carolina Bracomonte – SDSU, Social Work 2014
2014 MYD Scholar Sade Burrell – USC, Social Work 2015
2014 MYD Scholar Shandy Pinkowski – Cornell Law 2016
2015 MYD Scholar Christina Ives – School California Western School of Law 2017
2015 MYD Scholar Adrian Arroyo – CSU Bakersfield Counseling Psychology 2018
2016 MYD Scholar Raiyah Harris – SDSU Master’s Criminal Justice 2018
2016 MYD Scholar Tiffany Lapuebla – Duke University, Master of Public Policy 2018
2016 MYD Scholar Raul Enciso – USD, Leadership Studies 2018
2016 MYD Scholar Kaya Mazon – Chicago-Kent College of Law 2019
2017 MYD Scholar Aiden Flowers – SDSU, Multicultural Clinical Counseling 2018
2018 MYD Scholar Bianca Cardenas Bianca – SDSU, Education, Counseling 2019
2018 MYD Scholar Francheska Del Rey – UC Davis, Education 2019

This year, JIT has thirteen MYD Scholars:

2018 MYD Scholar Jeharrah Pearl – Parsons’ School of Design (NY), MFA in Design & Tech 2020
2018 MYD Scholar Vanessa Barrera – SDSU, MA Public Administration 2020
2018 MYD Scholar Joey Lopez – U of St. Augustine, Doctorate of Physical Therapy 2020
2018 MYD Scholar Johnny Larson- SDSU, History 2020
2018 MYD Scholar Jessica Dorsey – U of Tennessee, Social Work 2020
2018 MYD Scholar Cristal Ramirez – SDSU, Counseling 2020
2019 MYD Scholar Angel Camacho – SDSU, Social Work 2021
2019 MYD Scholar Kacee Van Konynenburg – SDSU, Public Health 2021
2019 MYD Scholar Maral Bagheri – UCSD, Chemistry 2020
2019 MYD Scholar Selena Reycasa – Cal Baptist University, Organizational Leadership 2020