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Programs Overview

For program funding, we rely on donations from the general public, as well as grants. Program delivery is based on available funds and an evaluation of each applicant’s situation. Applicants are notified within 3 business days.

General Program Requirements:

* Former Foster Youth, Aged 18-26 

* Working or Attending School

* Ongoing Participation in the JIT Community via Programs & Activities

* Completion of ANNUAL Program Evaluation Survey

Applicants are notified within 3 business days.

Basic Needs

Just in Time provides critical financial support in emergency situations, including rent, bus passes, gas cards, grocery gift cards, clothing, and vehicle repair.

My First Home

The My First Home Program transforms once empty apartments into warm homes with gently-used and new furnishings from our caring community.

College Bound

If you are in need of a laptop, printer, school supplies, or someone to provide an encouraging voice for your college career, apply for our Annual College Bound award!

Financial Fitness

If you have trouble sticking to a budget, creating a savings plan, and keeping savings for long term planning or emergencies, this is the program for you!

Bridges To Success

Join the B2S Band of Brothers in an environment of success to become the confident, capable, connected man you want to be!

Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes is a collaborative initiative to empower transition-age foster youth to become good drivers, purchase reliable transportation, and create a foundation for maintaining responsible vehicle ownership.

Career Horizons

Are you a young woman searching for successful role models? Join our Career Horizons Program and unearth your passion and path to professional success!