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Volunteering at Just in Time for Foster Youth

Whether you are willing to volunteer 1x a year or you are intersted in a long term supportive relationship with a you, we have an opportunity for you!

Help our young adults create their own success stories!


While transition age foster youth may receive some support in the form of housing, college scholarships, and other services, JIT also meets a critical and unique need: connections to caring adults.

As a volunteer-driven organization, we recognize the need for our youth to have lifelong relationships with caring adults, to obtain an education and launch a career, to learn fiscal management, to save and build assets, and to acquire basic needs — such as the setting up of a household or the purchase of a vehicle. In 2014, Points of Light certified JIT as a Service Enterprise, defined as an “organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on its social mission.” This means we count on volunteers to provide the resources, relationships, and expertise that deliver much-needed services to transitioning foster youth while building organizational capacity.

Volunteer Opportunities

Financial Fitness Asset Advisors

Providing financial literacy and smart money management in the Financial Fitness program, JIT Asset Advisors work with youth on practical matters, such as negotiating a major car purchase or car insurance, understanding what medical care options are available, and evaluating rental contracts.

Bridges to Success Champions

Providing consistent positive guidance and support to encourage transitioning young men to become thriving members of our community. Through the Bridges to Success program, Bridges Champions create an “environment of success,” offering young men the opportunity and providing them with the essential tools to expand their personal and professional horizons, and realize their potential in school, work and in life.

Career Horizons Coaches

Offering real world guidance on business and careers, networking opportunities, and encouragement on the path to meaningful jobs in our Career Horizons for Young Women programs, JIT Career Coaches play a critical role. Our Career Coaches come from a variety of professions and provide the know-how to turn career dreams into reality. There are many needs associated with planning for a career that would be difficult for our youth to manage without the timely support of a caring adult.

My First Home Movers

Working directly with transitioning foster youth, My First Home Movers assist our young people who are setting up their first homes. Often, this is the first time former foster youth are experiencing a safe and permanent place they can call their own. JIT Movers pick up and deliver donated furnishings, help with the set-up, and transform an empty shell into a warm, welcoming, functional space.

Skilled Project Volunteers

Skilled Project Volunteers work alongside JIT staff, bringing specific expertise or knowledge to defined projects. (Examples are database development, survey-based research, and project management). Volunteer opportunities that are project-based but less specialized also fall into this category. (An example is the Essay Review Committee, where a team of volunteers reads and scores youth essays that are part of the College Bound application process.)

Event Day Volunteers

Typically a one- or two-day commitment per event, Event Day Volunteers support JIT staff throughout the year. Common volunteer roles for this area include event registration, photography, transportation and set-up of materials, and greeter/directional assistance.

Contact Volunteer Services

Kathryn Clauzel
Phone: 619-677-2119

Volunteering FAQ’s

Who do I contact with questions about volunteering?

JIT has a Volunteer Services team eager to support you as you share your talents and connect with the transitioning foster youth in our community. Our team will onboard you and help identify roles that match your interests, skill sets, and experience. We lead monthly in-person orientations so that you can learn more about JIT programs and services, the youth participants we serve and the many volunteer opportunities available. This 1.5 hour orientation is required for new volunteers prior to engaging in any JIT volunteer opportunities.

Email: VE.team@jitfosteryouth.org. Phone: 619.677.2119 

How often does JIT have orientations for new volunteers?

The Volunteer Services team hosts one general orientation for new volunteers each month. You must register to attend. These monthly orientations are usually held on Thursday evenings from 7:00pm – 8:30pm, at our main office in Mission Valley. Once registered, you will receive an email with the address and details of the orientation meeting location. The Volunteer Services team also hosts volunteer orientations throughout the year that are role-specific (for Event-day Volunteers, Career Horizons Coaches, Healthy Practices Partners, etc.). It is required that you attend the general New Volunteer Orientation prior to attending any role-specific orientations.

After I attend a New Volunteer Orientation, how soon can I begin volunteering?

Right away! During the orientation, you’ll learn about current and upcoming volunteer opportunities. At the end of the orientation, you’ll submit a form detailing the JIT services you are interested in, along with the skills and experience you would like to leverage as a volunteer. This information, combined with the opportunity to meet you in-person, enables our team to match you to available volunteer roles. Within one week of the orientation, a member of our Volunteer Services team will reach out to you to further discuss your preferences and explore ways for you to get involved. Attend a general New Volunteer Orientation soon, to fast-track your engagement with JIT!

What types of volunteer roles exist at JIT?

In 2014, Points of Light certified JIT as a Service Enterprise, defined as an “organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on its social mission.” This means we count on volunteers to provide the resources, relationships, and expertise that deliver much-needed services to transitioning foster youth while building organizational capacity. Many types of volunteer roles exist, including; being a coach/mentor in our young men’s or women’s programs, helping plan and execute events, developing and facilitating workshops, providing administrative support, organizing donated items at our storage units, transporting furniture, reviewing resumes and conducting mock interviews, offering pro-bono legal advice, fundraising, graphic design, database management, individual life coaching, photography, credit repair – and the list continues… A broad spectrum of opportunities exist; please come to a New Volunteer Orientation to learn more!

How much time can I expect to spend each month volunteering for JIT?

As little – or as much – as you want! Each volunteer role requires a unique investment of time and energy. From year-long cohort programs with bi-weekly workshops and one-on-one meetups (as many as 9 hours per month), to event day registration (as little as 2 hours on a single day of the year). At our New Volunteer Orientation, you’ll learn about the various volunteer roles, the time of year they are offered, and the time commitment required.

Can I be involved with more than one volunteer role at a time?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to creating a community of engaged volunteers who have the opportunity to contribute more of themselves and their talents, to the youth they feel so inspired to support. Many of our volunteers take on multiple roles as they interact with our staff and youth participants, including one-on-one youth coaching and advising, event day volunteering, and skilled project support. They participate in various JIT programs and services and even propose new ones. When you join JIT as a volunteer, you become a member of our community; a community that continues to grow and change in response to our youth participants’ evolving needs as well as the diverse talents and passions of the volunteers themselves.

I would like to donate furniture and household items to transitioning foster youth. What is the process for donating to JIT? How do I obtain a tax receipt?

Check out our donation guide for details on how to donate and a list of items JIT can take here. Donation pick-up and drop-off are coordinated by Nathan Brunetta (email: VEteam@jitfosteryouth.org, phone: 619.677.2119). Once we receive your donation, Nathan will send you a letter with tax deductible information.

Where is the JIT Volunteer Services office located?

Our Volunteer Services office is in the main JIT office. Our address is 4560 Alvarado Canyon Rd, Ste 2G, San Diego, CA 92120. Free  parking is available in front of the building.

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